What We Do for Our Students

Your college experience will be filled with new beginnings and academic opportunities. For the first time, you will be living away from home, selecting courses from hundreds of choices and meeting new friends from around the country and world. Your senior year is a stepping stone to begin this journey. However, the process can be overwhelming. With over 3000 colleges to choose from, lengthy applications and daunting essays to write, many students need guidance.

Did You Know?

A 2009 survey of college consultants shows that nearly two-thirds of their clients enroll in private colleges, a figure nearly three times the national average. At the same time, students are four times as likely as the general population to go to college out of their home state.

As founder of Murphy College Consultants, I can guide you through the process to ensure that it is an enjoyable and organized one. Since 1993, I have been committed to facilitating a personalized match between a student and his/her future college. A combination of specific training and experience in the field allows me to recommend schools best suited to the strengths and interests of the student. I look beyond name brand colleges and offer students a broad list of options to explore, ensuring that a lesser-known school is not ignored.

As I have personally visited hundreds of colleges across the nation, I am able to hand select the most appropriate options for students to pursue. This personalized approach is one that is superior to reviewing websites and catalogs alone. In addition, I pride myself on being current with admission trends and application policies. This insight is invaluable to students as they make decisions about their future.

As a consultant, I place a strong emphasis on getting to know the student to ensure his/her success and happiness at a given college. From the first meeting to the time of decision letters, I can effectively guide you through the application process to help obtain individual goals.