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Jan 16

Written by: kmurphy
Saturday, January 16, 2010 

The news is pouring in and one thing is clear – applications are up at colleges across the country this year. Despite major budget cuts, applications soared to record highs at public universities across the nation. The California State University system received more than 266,000 applications this past fall, which represents a 53% increase from last year. Transfer applicants were up 127% and all this despite an anticipated $564 million budget cut. Wow.

Harvard has announced that their applications are up 5%, totaling more than 30,000, which represents a record breaking number for the college. The University of Virginia also has hit a university high with over 22,000 applications. According to a January 22nd article in BusinessWeek, many are speculating that numbers are up at these most competitive universities as there is a perceived notion that gaining admission here will lead to a better job in four years. Many of these universities are also very committed to financial aid, which continues to be an amazing draw for students.

While the trend continues upward at so many, Yale is bucking the trend, especially within the Ivy League, with a decrease in applications this year. But only by 200 applications – is that enough to fret over?

Other high notes:
University of Hawaii at Manoa +25%
University of Chicago +42% (double the amount from 2006)
Dartmouth College +4%
University of California system +2.4% (but +17% for transfers)
San Diego State University +10% (61,000 applications!)

Updated January 24th

Stanford University +5% (over 32,000 applications – a university record)
Johns Hopkins University +13%
University of Richmond +9%
Cornell University +5%
MIT +6%
Washington and Lee University +6%
George Washington University +3%
Princeton +19%
University of Pennsylvania +17%
Brown University +20%
Duke University +12%
Northwestern University +9%


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