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Mar 17

Written by: kmurphy
Sunday, March 17, 2013 

I just wanted to wish all of my students the BEST OF LUCK with the rest of your decisions in the coming weeks. Please keep me posted about the good news, whether it be a great big envelope in the mail, or a video via email welcoming you to your future college campus.

It is my hope that you get nothing but positive news, however, if you do get some bad news, please know that you are a catch and that it truly is their loss to not offer you a spot.  Never take it as a reflection of your potential! 

Here are a few articles to read:

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Next steps -
Get out there and visit your final choices.  For some of you, it may be the first visit to the campus and it is important that you get there.  Don't discount the gut reaction.  Schedule tours, stay overnight with a student host, go to a sporting event or concert by the music department, talk to coaches or learning support specialists, and attend a few classes.  Ask questions!  Make informed choices!

Finally - don't fall victim to senioritis.  Continue to do your very best as your final report card will go to where you enroll.  Colleges can rescind their offer.  This also includes not getting into trouble....with prom coming up, etc., be on your best behavior as colleges can change their minds if they get wind of something negative.




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