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Apr 13

Written by: kmurphy
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 

Today the Common Application announced changes to their 2011-2012 application. While most of the changes were small, they will help to make the application process more user-friendly to both students and admissions counselors. The new version will ask more detailed questions about language proficiency where students can check one of five options to describe their ability best. The application will once again have a word limit for the personal statement. Students will be asked to submit an essay that is between 250-500 words to help keep the process fairly consistent. Students will be happy to know that the Secondary School Report has changed a bit too – now your guidance counselor can add a letter of recommendation from some other school official who can better describe their strengths.

48 schools have joined the Common Application this year, including University of Southern California and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. That brings the total amount of participants up to 460 schools.

High school students who want to preview the new version online or see new member schools can do so now, however, they cannot fill out anything until it goes live on August 1st.


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