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Feb 7

Written by: kmurphy
Monday, February 7, 2011 

If you feel a bit tired after the college application process, you might want to take some time to recharge your batteries. Gaining in popularity, more and more students are taking a year off after graduating from high school to explore the world and their goals, and to prepare for that next academic step in college.  Gap Year programs are plentiful and they are either academic in nature or focus on personal growth through service and discovery.

First and foremost, a gap year does not replace going to college.  A high school senior would still go through the process of applying to colleges, and then depositing at their college of choice on May 1st. They would then defer their admission for one year. As a matter of fact, colleges such as Harvard, Princeton, Tufts and NYU encourage students to consider the option of pursuing a gap year. William Fitzsimmons, Harvard University Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, is a strong proponent of the gap year and has said that "many speak of their year away as a 'life-altering' experience or a 'turning point,' and most feel that its full value can never be measured and will pay dividends the rest of their lives."

Want to know more? You might want to explore the Seattle Gap Fair on February 13th from 1 - 3:30pm at the Northwest School.  To find out more information about locations across the U.S. and gap year programs in general, visit USA Gap Year Fairs.


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