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Feb 4

Written by: kmurphy
Friday, February 4, 2011 

By now, everyone is familiar with Tiger Mom and her structured approach to parenting. While some might applaud her efforts, others continue to cringe. Insider Higher Ed posted this yesterday about the continued controversy.

Debate continues over Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (and the op-ed summary of its ideas, "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior"), by Amy Chua. The parenting covered in the books -- while clearly aimed at eventually landing the author's daughters in top colleges -- takes place well before the application process begins. But Mitchell J. Chang, a professor of education and Asian American studies at the University of California at Los Angeles, is arguing that the debate may end up hurting Asian-American college applicants. The image created by Chua "contributes to an already problematic stereotype by suggesting not only that most Asian Americans are high-achieving, but also that their achievements are due to overbearing parents," writes Chang in an essay. "Her characterization can further tax Asian American college applicants by reducing the chances that they will be viewed as self-starters, risk-takers and independent thinkers -- attributes that are often favored by admissions officers but rarely associated with Asian American applicants."


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