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Jul 22

Written by: kmurphy
Wednesday, July 22, 2009 

I urge all families, regardless of what you think or how old your student is, to fill out an online estimator to determine your estimated family contribution.  I know many of you believe that you won’t qualify, but it can’t hurt to take a look and see.  What if you were mistaken?

From there, you can set a game plan for college affordability.  Will you be able to pay the entire bill?  Will you need to look at colleges that offer to meet 100% or need, or those that have committed to limiting student debt or have eliminated loans altogether?  Will you need to be financially strategic and consider schools where you may qualify for a merit scholarship?  It can’t hurt to start planning early.  Take the first step today, and check back soon for more tips.

- FAFSA4caster is a good place to start where you can determine your eligibility for federal aid

- CSS Profile Calculator  is an often required form for selective private schools.


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