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Nov 26

Written by: kmurphy
Friday, November 26, 2010 

Early numbers are in and the majority of colleges are reporting an increase in applications from last fall.  It comes as no surprise, especially in the wake of a report that was released by the National Association for College Admission Counseling in October.

It reported that nearly 75% of students who applied early in 2009 were accepted, compared with just over half who applied to the same colleges regular decision. Some highly competitive colleges fill nearly half of their freshman class early which has continued to fuel the frenzy.  Many students feel compelled to do it to have an advantage.  However, students should not apply early unless it is their clear first choice and they do not need to compare financial aid awards.  Before you get too depressed, know that few colleges reject more than they accept.

Early Decision Numbers (binding)
Amherst  -5%
Bates  +3%
Bowdoin  +10%
Brown  -3%
Bucknell  +30%
Dartmouth  +14%
Davidson  +40%
Dickinson  +15%
Duke  +14%
Elon  -15%
George Washington University  +20%
Haverford  +14%
Johns Hopkins  +14%
Lehigh  +14%
Northwestern +26%
Rice  +15%
Sarah Lawrence  +15%
U Penn  +18%
Vanderbilt  +30%
Wake Forest  -11%

Early Action Numbers (non binding)
Elon  -4%
Emerson  +11%
Fordham  +8%
Georgetown  +9%
MIT  +15%
Northeastern  +23%
Santa Clara  +27%
U Chicago  +18.5
Villanova  +25%

Restrictive Early Action (single choice)
Boston College  +7%



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