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Sep 22

Written by: kmurphy
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 

The Daily Beast is at it again, this time with lists of the 50 Most Dangerous and the 50 Safest college campuses in the nation.  While not a socially hot topic, it can be important to consider while developing your college list.  Don't be fooled by location - urban campuses such as Tufts University, Harvard and the University of Hartford top out the list of the most dangerous, but there were many city campuses which made the 50 Safest College list, including NYC's Pace University and Fashion Institute of Technology. Many statistics were considered when developing these lists, including incidents of theft, homicides and aggravated assault on campus. 

Reader's Digest also put out the results of a college safety survey which includes statistics on colleges with dorm security cameras, dorm fire detectors & sprinkler systems, and dorm rooms with locks.  The survey was surprising - some college dorms do not have fire detectors or locks on doors.  It isn't something that you typically look for on a campus tour, but it is something that most people assume will be there. At the time of the survey, only 50% of dorm rooms at Santa Clara University had locks, and only 50% of dorms at Mount Holyoke College had sprinkler systems.  Keep your eyes open on those tours.


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