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Aug 13

Written by: kmurphy
Thursday, August 13, 2009 

The New York Times featured an article on August 9th that highlighted how the arts are weathering college budget cuts across the nation.

In response to a mandated $54 million cut at Washington State University in Pullman, WA, the university has decided to pull the plug on theatre arts and dance.  Wesleyan College’s Center for the Arts (which is home to dance, theatre, music and visual arts) is losing 14% of its $1.2 million budget.  Florida State University is phasing out their Arts Education major as well as two graduate theatre programs. Northern Arizona University is also cutting their Theatre Education major. Middlebury College’s Museum of Art needs to cut its budget by 10% and their prestigious literary magazine may be axed altogether. Others are cutting budgets and reducing visiting faculty members, which could ultimately leave the student body shortchanged. Professors are quick to point out that large lecture halls may work for business majors, but it does not work when teaching painting or voice.

Is this a trend of the future? 

Is your major still available at your favorite college?


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