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May 28

Written by: kmurphy
Friday, May 28, 2010 

I know what you are thinking seniors - it is all downhill from here until graduation.  You have officially enrolled at your future college and you are ready to coast to the finish line.  But there is a little something you might not know - your college acceptance can be rescinded. At the end of this semester, your guidance counselor will send off your report card and if there is something questionable on it, a college might pull their offer to you. With bulging waitlists, colleges can quickly fill your spot, and there will be eager students to take it.

According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling's 2009 State of College Admission report, 21% of colleges reported they revoked offers of admission in 2008. They cited a drop in final grades (65%) as the number one reason for retraction, followed by disciplinary issues (35%) and falsification of application information (29%). Public colleges were more likely to revoke admission due to final grades whereas private colleges were more likely to revoke offers of admission for disciplinary reasons.

My final advice - continue to work hard and play wisely, especially when heading out to prom and graduation parties.  Be smart about your image on social networking websites and continue to exhibit strong character.


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