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May 1

Written by: kmurphy
Saturday, May 1, 2010 

Today is D-Day for high school seniors – a day that is filled with angst and apprehension. Students are emotionally teetering between their high school years and a day that will mark the next stage of their academic career. Students across the country will be signing on the proverbial dotted line, notifying colleges of their intent for enrollment this fall. Students have an ethical obligation to deposit at only one college. Double depositing is taboo in the admissions world and can backfire on you if you try to trick the system. It also contributes to angst of others who are holding out for a spot off the waitlist. While you may be unsure of a school, another student is just waiting for that invitation to join the class. So, by double depositing, you are taking a spot from someone that really wants to be there.

So seal that envelope and be proud of your decision. Celebrate your hard work and don your new school colors!


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