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Apr 13

Written by: kmurphy
Tuesday, April 13, 2010 

College admission rates continue to plummet this year at our nation's top tier universities. There are many theories about why these universities are seeing such record numbers of applicants, which of course, results in even lower admit rates than 2009. One theory is that given the state of the economy, parents feel that if they have to spend $50,000 per year on college, then the college better be the best one out there. Many speculate that these parents believe that the top tier universities yield better paying jobs, or acceptances to top graduate programs after four years. Bottom line – they are looking for a return on their hefty investment.

Here are some of chart toppers:

Harvard - Over 30,000 applications were received, which represented a 5% increase in applications from 2009. The acceptance rate was 6.9% (down from 7% in 2009). Said another way, one out of every 14 students was accepted.

Stanford University - The overall acceptance rate was 7.2% with over 32,000 applications received. Believe it or not, only 20 transfer students were admitted.

Middlebury – 13%

Pomona - They received over 6,500 applications and admitted 14.7%, which is down a point from last year.

Vanderbilt – 16.3%

Georgetown – 22%

Don't despair. In my next blog post I will highlight some colleges that still accept a decent percentage of their applicants.


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