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Mar 16

Written by: kmurphy
Tuesday, March 16, 2010 

Once you have come down from your acceptance letter high, it is time to act fast. April comes and goes quickly and on May 1st, you will be expected to deposit at only one school that you have been admitted to.

If you have lots of choices, you will want to make some return visits to your top colleges. If you have yet to visit them, be sure to make it a priority this coming month. Almost all colleges will be offering accepted student open houses in addition to their regularly scheduled campus tour and information sessions. Accepted student open houses are great though, as you will be given the red carpet treatment and will have an opportunity to meet with professors, current students, as well as other admitted students. If you can't make it to these events, be sure to touch base with admissions to find out what alternatives might be available to you – see if you could attend a class or stay over with a student host. If you are traveling alone, find out if the college offers free transportation from the airport. While on campus, be a keen observer – keep asking yourself if you see yourself there the next four years. Make sure that the academic programs that interest you will still be offered in the fall and ask questions about research and internship opportunities that are specifically happening within that department this semester. Remember, this is a big investment – you want to make sure you are making the best decision for yourself.

When you get home, compare all options, weighing opportunities, professor accessibility, extracurriculars as well as social atmospheres. If you have received financial aid or a merit scholarship, think about the long term ramifications of your decision and decide if the overly expensive college is worth more than the one that has given you a significant aid package. The question is – do you really want to eat macaroni and cheese well into your twenties because you have large loans to pay off? Good luck and happy exploring!


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