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Feb 3

Written by: kmurphy
Wednesday, February 3, 2010 

Colleges across the U.S. continue to report an increase in the number of applications from the previous year. It might be proving to be one of the most competitive years on record to gain admission at top colleges. New York University is reporting that it received the most applications in its history, with over 38,000 students vying for a spot in the freshman class. The University of Washington reports receiving over 23,000 for a freshmen class of 5,500. Think your back up choice is a sure thing? Think again. The University of Portland in Portland, Oregon received nearly 2,000 more applications this year, and the amount has doubled since 2006. As a result, the college continues to decrease the amount of students that it will admit – this year it expects to only offer admission to approximately 45% (down from 56% in 2009).

Updated February 14, 2010

State University of New York at Brockport +11%


Updated February 9, 2010

University of Washington +8%


Updated February 7, 2010

Fordham University +14% (applications have doubled since 2003)

Mary Baldwin College +30%

(University of Southern California - holding steady with last year)


Updated February 3, 2010

College of William and Mary +3%

New York University +2.7%

University of Portland +5.7%

Connecticut College +10% (college record)


Updated January 24, 2010

Stanford University +5% (over 32,000 applications - a university record)

Johns Hopkins University +13%

University of Richmond +9%

Cornell University +5%

MIT +6%

Washington and Lee University +6%

George Washington University +3%

Princeton +19%

University of Pennsylvania +17%

Brown University +20%

Duke University +12%

Northwestern University +9%

University of Hawaii at Manoa +25%

University of Chicago +42% (double the amount from 2006)

Dartmouth College +4%

University of California system +2.4% (but +17% for transfers)

San Diego State University +10% (61,000 applications!)


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