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Welcome to Murphy College Consultants. My personalized approach to college admission ensures that high school students will find schools that are best suited to their academic interests, extracurricular pursuits and long-term goals. I am well-versed on all types of college options available to students from the highly competitive East Coast liberal arts colleges to state universities across the country. I offer a comprehensive counseling program which is customized for each client as they navigate the college search and application process. I also offer smaller, more specialized packages from guidance on curriculum to essay brainstorming. Finally, I offer abridged versions of my services through college admission seminars designed for high school students and their families. These seminars serve as a launching pad to the college search and application process.

Whether you are a student seeking specialized packages, or are looking for guidance on the entire process, my expertise and background in the field will help you to find many schools where you will ultimately be successful and happy. 

The question is – are you ready?
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From beginning to end, I will assist you with all stages of the college application process to ensure it’s a personalized one. I will show you colleges that are your best fit, help you to become better organized, prepare you to write great essays in your own voice, maximize your high school experience, and will be there to guide you every step of the way.

My unique advising process includes, but is not limited to:

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Upcoming Seminars

College Admission Seminars

I take the full consulting package offered through Murphy College Consultants and condense it into several easy to follow sessions for the student and their parents.

The cost of sending a child to college is a significant long-term investment.  Consider this a small contribution to this investment in terms of both time and money. 

For more information about the seminar as well as locations and dates click here.

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